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Traditionally, two kinds of laser treatment have been available for cosmetic skin treatment: ablative and non-ablative. Typical ablative treatments, which use a high temperature to vaporize unwanted tissue, can be effective – but with significant side effects and several weeks of recovery time.

Non-ablative treatments, meanwhile, have very few side effects and low downtime, but they commonly require numerous treatments to produce more modest results.

Fraxel laser treatment delivers the potency of ablative treatments with the faster recovery time of non-ablative laser. That means you get the best of both worlds: visible results and less downtime.

The Fraxel family of products has several treatments, all delivering remarkable results with fast recovery. The treatments fall into two categories:

    • Fraxel re:pair® treatment – for the correction of moderate-severe photoaging, usually in just one or two treatments. Fraxel re:pair treatment uses a high-intensity carbon dioxide (CO2) laser to address the most severe signs of skin damage – without the degree of risks, complications and prolonged downtime of other ablative laser procedures. To learn more read the Fraxel re:pair FAQs.